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FOOD: New French Bistro in Petworth (H/T Zagat Blog)

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by Alycia Williams

Petworth has welcomed a new restaurant to the neighborhood, and according to, it is a must dine if French food is your fancy.  Chez Billy is from the masterminds of such neighborhood staples as Marvin, Blackbyrd, and American Ice Co.

According to Zagat:

The Look: Flickering candles and ornate chandeliers cast a warm glow over the exposed brick, dark wood and intriguingly accented interior. The roomy environs provide mingling areas, while those feeling less social can retreat to private nooks or to the upstairs lounge and balcony, which offers a birds-eye view of the action below. Keeping its integrity as a historically significant spot, the dining room recasts its wood-backed booths, vintage lighting and tiled floor with verve and class.

The Menu: Expect moderately priced bistro classics like mussels, steak frites and skate, as well as desserts like a pineapple tart tatin and a chocolate hazelnut torte.

The Drinks: Look for classic cocktails like the Sazerac, French wines and international beers that pair with the Gallic comfort fare.

The Scene: Rapidly developing Petworth hasn’t had a destination dining spot for many years, but the Hilton brothers have considerable cred and a huge following. Look for the location to cater to a diverse, lively mix.

This place is definitely on our list to try out in the near future!  You can find it at 3815 Georgia Avenue NW or call 202-506-2080.


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FOOD: Get the Speakeasy Vibe at Last Exit

By: Alycia Williams

It’s late. You feel like enjoying a drink with friends. You want to hear good music. But you don’t want to have to fight your way to the bar. With all of your restrictions, the options start to narrow. And then someone suggests Tonic in Mount Pleasant. The dive sports bar wasn’t on the top of your list, but you acquiesce and head uptown.

You walk in and start to pull up a seat. But your compatriots have something else in mind. They keep walking to the back of the bar and just when you think they must be lost, they take a left and head through a doorway with a neon sign that reads “Last Exit.”

As you walk over the threshold, you realize they weren’t planning to go to Tonic at all…they were letting you in on a neighborhood secret. Continue reading

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FOOD: Pound the Hill Opens New Patio

Here's the front patio, stop on by to check out the new back patio!

By:  Alycia Williams

Spring is officially here and that means it’s time for DC Hood Hopper to try out the newest patios in the city. Enter Pound the Hill. By day it is a neighborhood coffee shop on Pennsylvania Avenue, serving some of the best teas and Kickapoo Coffee (the 2010 Micro-Roaster of the Year). By night, it turns into the Bistro & Wine Bar, with boutique wines and craft brewed beers.  Continue reading

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FOOD: Eastern Market is a food heaven

This week we here at DC Hood Hopper are featuring the Eastern Market neighborhood, a charming little area named for the fresh food public market it contains (which happens to be the oldest such market in DC). Beyond offering a large selection of fresh foods in the farmer’s market, both indoors and outdoors, Eastern Market also hosts a flea market selling arts and crafts.


Continue reading

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