About DC Hood Hopper

DC Hood Hopper helps you discover the nation’s capital one neighborhood at a time, profiling events, attractions and restaurants, and keeping you up-to-date on current neighborhood news.

DC neighborhood map by Ork Posters

Washington’s diverse neighborhoods each present distinct experiences for food, entertainment and culture. At DC Hood Hopper, we appreciate the unique character of every neighborhood. We love the blogs that are devoted to a single ‘hood, but our goal is to invite you to go beyond your favorite spots, step out of your backyards, and check out what another set of city blocks has to offer. Whether you are a local DC resident looking to rediscover your fellow neighborhoods, or a short-term visitor interested in trying new parts of the city, we hope you’ll enjoy our take on ‘hood hopping.

Meet your bloggers:
Paulina Lam
Paulina has been living in DC for four months. She adds the ‘new DC resident’ perspective to the blog and wants to help new residents and visitors experience the city like a local. Paulina has lived in Washington, DC; Houston, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Wasilla, Alaska; and several cities in New Jersey. Follow Paulina on Twitter: @PaulinaTLam
Mona Mogahed 
Mona has been in the DC area for two years and loves neighborhood-hopping. She has lived in Washington, DC, Arlington, Va., Madison, Wisc., and Cairo, Egypt. Follow Mona on Twitter: @monamoga
Alycia Williams
Alycia has lived in the DC area for over 10 years and enjoys eating and running her way through the city. Before moving to the district, she lived in Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia Beach. Follow Alycia on Twitter: @Lee_inDC
We also feature posts from guest bloggers, so feel free to email us at dchoodhopper@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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