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This week DC Hood Hopper is featuring the H Street NE neighborhood, also called the Atlas District (named for the historic theater at its heart). The street itself runs East-West beginning at Benning Rd. NE until North Capitol St., near Union Station.

Dubbed an “Arts and Entertainment District,” H Street is home to a lively assortment of bars, restaurants, and arts and music venues including the Atlas Performing Arts Center, the H Street Playhouse, and HR-57 jazz club. The neighborhood also hosts an annual street festival, which is coming up in September.


H Street Festival (Courtesy of Brightest Young Things/Dakota Fine)

It wasn’t always this way, however. Like so many other DC neighborhoods, H Street was hit hard by the 1968 riots and only began revitalization in the past 10 years. Some residents are wary of the gentrification, as it means higher property taxes and in many cases a major shift in the demographics of the neighborhood.

Like Adams Morgan, H Street is currently experiencing its own share of eyesore construction, in this case to build a streetcar. The end is near though – the H Street streetcar is scheduled to be up and running by summer of 2013!

What are some of your favorite spots to visit on H Street?

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