BLOGROLL PICKS: Anacostia’s “Abandominiums” (H/T: Greater Greater Washington)

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Greater Greater Washington has a fascinating post on the phenomenon of “abandominiums” in DC’s Anacostia neighborhood. These abandoned buildings are attracting squatters and a range of illegal activities from drug use to prostitution.According to residents, the vacant units are another example of the greater community – specifically the DC government – neglecting the neighborhoods east of the river.

The writer, John Muller, quotes one resident:

“Gray and all them, they could fix these places up. But see the thing of it is, is that you got money they sending across the water instead of taking care of your folks at home.”

And another:

“We got all these people, working people who need some place to live and can’t find anything, yet this stuff is allowed by the city. They want to build something new, why not fix what’s been here?”

But Anacostia isn’t the only place with abandominiums – check out GGW’s post on the same issue in Columbia Heights.

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