NEWS ROUNDUP: What we’re talking about in DC this week

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by Alycia Williams

Here’s what we were talking about this week.  Tell us what was on your mind!

Did you vote? Election Tuesday is over and according to The Washington Post’s D.C. Wire, voters weren’t so fond of Vincent Orange.

Did you catch the premiere of “Scandal” on Thursday? Even though not a single scene was actually filmed in DC, the story is based on a real-life local PR maven, who spoke exclusively to the DC TV Examiner.

Are expectations overrated for the Nats? In the season opener on Wednesday, Stephen Strasburg became the 5th Washington Nationals pitcher to start the regular season opener, according to the Huffington Post. Don’t forget to head out to Navy Yard for the home opener next week.

What’s open late night? According to the Washington City Paper, The Hamilton (the humongous downtown dining/performance venue brought to you by the same folks that own Clyde’s) will no longer be open 24-hours for those late night cravings.  Guess it’s back to jumbo slice…

Are they or aren’t they?  That’s the question this week on whether Howard’s sports teams will continue their current schedule. The Washington City Paper reported that the university is investigating possible NCAA ethics violations. Several updates to the story later, and the story is still unfolding. Hopefully for the sake of the students it’s Game On.


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