FOOD: Eastern Market is a food heaven

This week we here at DC Hood Hopper are featuring the Eastern Market neighborhood, a charming little area named for the fresh food public market it contains (which happens to be the oldest such market in DC). Beyond offering a large selection of fresh foods in the farmer’s market, both indoors and outdoors, Eastern Market also hosts a flea market selling arts and crafts.


If you’re not in the mood for produce or artisan crafty goods, 8th St SE is just a few blocks away. This area, called Barracks Row, is home to a nice selection of retail and restaurants. One local favorite is Ted’s Bulletin, a retro-themed bar/restaurant that serves American fare like this amazing Southwest burger:


Sesame seed bun, avocado, roasted pepper, and white cheddar? Yes! At just over $12, the burger’s not quite “splurge” but it’s not cheap, either. Looking for something lighter? Check out their homemade pop tarts.

What are some of your favorite spots to eat in Eastern Market? Share your recommendations in the comments!


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