FOOD: New French Bistro in Petworth (H/T Zagat Blog)

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by Alycia Williams

Petworth has welcomed a new restaurant to the neighborhood, and according to, it is a must dine if French food is your fancy.  Chez Billy is from the masterminds of such neighborhood staples as Marvin, Blackbyrd, and American Ice Co.

According to Zagat:

The Look: Flickering candles and ornate chandeliers cast a warm glow over the exposed brick, dark wood and intriguingly accented interior. The roomy environs provide mingling areas, while those feeling less social can retreat to private nooks or to the upstairs lounge and balcony, which offers a birds-eye view of the action below. Keeping its integrity as a historically significant spot, the dining room recasts its wood-backed booths, vintage lighting and tiled floor with verve and class.

The Menu: Expect moderately priced bistro classics like mussels, steak frites and skate, as well as desserts like a pineapple tart tatin and a chocolate hazelnut torte.

The Drinks: Look for classic cocktails like the Sazerac, French wines and international beers that pair with the Gallic comfort fare.

The Scene: Rapidly developing Petworth hasn’t had a destination dining spot for many years, but the Hilton brothers have considerable cred and a huge following. Look for the location to cater to a diverse, lively mix.

This place is definitely on our list to try out in the near future!  You can find it at 3815 Georgia Avenue NW or call 202-506-2080.


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GUEST BLOGGER: Finding Faith on 16th Street

This week we’re featuring the 16th Street neighborhood in Northwest DC, just north of Columbia Heights. Informally known as “church row,” the area contains a remarkably high concentration of churches from a variety of Christian denominations. Guest blogger Sudip Bhattacharya gives us an intimate look into this multicultural faith community in NW DC.

Check out more of Sudip’s work on Twitter @WhatsGood_DC and over at the What’s Good DC blog.

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Finding Faith

By Sudip Bhattacharya

Rev. Larry Owens Jr. begins with a confession.

“I don’t listen to gospel music only” he admits, causing some of those at the front and middle pews to gasp. Rev. Owens leans forward from his pulpit and grins. He explains how he can’t stop listening to the R and B singer Jill Scott, and how he especially loves the song “Hate on Me.”

“Our President took the troops out of Iraq and now we got critics blaming him for not doing it soon enough” he booms, and allows for the congregation to clap and yell, “preach!”

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BLOGROLL PICKS: 14th Street Then and Now

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

DC’s 14th Street NW is a lively area that connects the U Street and Logan Circle neighborhoods. The New York Times just published a piece on the revitalization of the street, pointing to the new developments cropping up at every block of the strip, including the ginormous JBG Louis project at 14th and U. Although it used to be a hub for “prostitutes and drug dealers,” a few key factors helped change the character of the neighborhood, including the Whole Foods that opened in 2000.

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NEWS ROUNDUP: What we’re talking about in DC this week

by Alycia Williams

Here’s what we were talking about this week. Tell us what was on your mind!

The 19-year-old baseball phenom, Bryce Harper, made his home major league debut this week for the Nats. He claims he doesn’t feel he has anything to prove, but with the spotlight on him, fans may beg to differ.

The Occupy movement returned to DC this week in “celebration” of May Day. Activists called it “A Day Without the 99 Percent,” according to The Washington Post and they turned out in droves in locations around the country.

One of DC’s trendiest neighborhoods was featured in the New York Times this week. The 14th Street corridor’s revitalization from vacant lots to posh stores and restaurants is something residents have been talking about for years, we appreciated the national spin.

Former DC Councilman, Harry Thomas, received a 38-month sentence for stealing government funds and filing false tax returns.  We guess crime doesn’t pay.

How much is the White House really worth?  Although the famed mansion isn’t for sale, experts are estimating that the 55,000 square foot luxury home would sell for $100 to $115 million.

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